We are excited to announce that a new MDXC’s expedition is

coming very soon. This year we are heading to western Africa, to one of the biggest countries facing the Guinea’s Gulf, silent since 2018: TJ – Cameroon. www.mdxc.support/tj9md

The MDXC Italian staff faced a long-time trial to obtain the commercial import permit for each transceiver and, even more time and nerve-consuming, to get the Amateur Radio Licence… but “who endures wins” and today the signed paper for TJ9MD is in IZ8CCW’s hands.

The 13 skilled operators of the expeditionary team (IZ8CCW, IZ2GNQ, F6IRA, OK2WX, AG4W, DL8JJ, IZ4COW, IU3PMA, HB9DHG, HB9TOC, ON7RN, IK5BOH and IZ4UEZ) are thrilled for the happy results of MDXC’s efforts, and now they are eager to bring back that big African country on the radiowaves: starting from 2 November till the 15 November, from Kribi, on Atlantic Ocean shores, at least four stations will be on air “round the clock” on CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8, 160 through 6m. Isn’t enough? On top of that, after the great experience during J28MD, for the Moon Bounce enthusiasts an E.M.E. station will offer chance to increase their 2m DXCC with this New One.

While the team starts to pack their luggage, you should start to plan to rise-up the antennas and warm-up the rigs… Stay tuned for more news!