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Bulletin #5 – (Oct 17, 2015)

After 4 full days operation we have more than 20.000 QSOs in the log. All antennas are up, including 3 spiderbeams and full size verticals for 80 m and 160 m. The operators are still highly motivated – since the propagation is improving – but also tired from intensive antenna work and 24/7 shift operation.

Unfortunately on 80 m we have strong noise of about S8, on 160 m about S5. An external receiving antenna did not really improve the situation. The noise is from the hotel area. We know that this will not make the Europeans happy. The signals from Japan and US west coast are usually very strong, band openings are long.  But openings to West and Central Europe are usually short and signals are rather weak.

A beacon on 50.120 MHz is active during daytime with 50 watts on our spare transceiver and a 4 element Yagi to Japan. No reports received so far.

The main power with 110 V AC works well, no problems with the technical equipment. The internet  is stable in the lobby of the hotel, but weak in the radio room. It looks that we have lost some emails.

The weather is hot at lunch time with 30 degrees C and high humidity. Heavy rain showers but mostly at night. Fortunately it is not very windy.

Bulletin #4 – (Oct 14, 2015)

The team arrived in Majuro late Monday evening without any problems. The place for the antennas around the swimming pool is more limited than expected. We started yesterday to operate first a few bands with reduced power. As our place for antennas was very limited we had interferences between some antennas and operating places. So there is something to do. High noise level makes big problems in receiving well especially on lowbands. All operators are highly motivated. Over 4600 QSOs were worked in the first 24 hours. The ClubLog Update will be done soon. WLAN Internet is expensive and slow. The license V73D is in our hands. Now a small beacon is running with 50 watts on a vertical on 50,120 MHz from time to time. Please let us know when hearing us.