Dx friends of all over the World , we are now very near the kick off of our new adventure, this time in V8 land. All is going perfectly and we are happy to report that the DXpedition packaging is ready and all equipments tested. Our international team of 23 operators of 9 Countries, leading by IZ8CCW, Antonio and I2VGW, Gabriele, under the flag of Mediterraneo Dx Club, is excited about this operation that will be on the air from two different shacks . The first one just on the beach of Pantai Seri Kenangan in Tutong and the second one from the close hotel. The team will be running seven stations from 6 to 160 including 6 meters  We’ll be on CW, SSB and RTTY around the clock from 11st to 23rd November and our aim is to take care of increasing number of QSOs also outside EU and also to use mainly modes where the country is more wanted. As we know so far, CW and RTTY modes are more needed all around the world from Brunei Darussalam.We remind you that V8 is also an Iota reference(OC-88). For furthers infos and to discover how to support us, please see our web site: https://www.mdxc.org/v84smd/. Any donations will be very very useful.

So thanks in advance!

Here is also our set-up:



4X ICOM IC-7000


1 x YAESU FT-950

1x ICOM 7200




1X Vertical antenna for 80mt

2X 5 Bands Spiderbeam

1X UJX-Vertical  for 10-40mt

4 Square for 40mt

2X Vertical in phase for 30mt

1X 2el mono 20mt

1x 3el mono 15mt

1X Inverted L for 160m

1x 6 El. mono band 50Mhz model 50LFA6XL by Eantenna

1x WARC Bands Rigid Dipole by EAntenna WARC121730



2X Acom 1011

1X Tokyo 600w

1x Ameritron 500w

1x New PA by italian new factory brand