Life blood of Mediterraneo DX Club is with no dubt constituted by its Members.
Welcome to… is our new way to introduce MDXC new Members to all community.

Where are they from? What are their interests?… just a few infos to learn more about them and an easier way to get in contact with everybody.
New-Members-Counter is the only one we consider important, so the only word we feel to say to our new friends is Thank You for Joining Us !

  • I2KBD -MDXC #637 – Alberto Zagni from Milano – Italy. [Personal homepage] – Launch team member of ITAMSAT IO-26 the first Italian amateur satellite, has focused his amateur radio activity on ITAMSAT and ISS in the nineties. Now is very involved to DXing.
  • IZ2AMW -MDXC #638 – Paolo Reda from Milano – Italy. [Personal homepage] – Took part to the project of the first Italian amateur satellite ITAMSAT (IO-26) that was succesfully launched in 1993. Very involved to DXing, in one year he worked more than 250 DXCC entities.
  • IZ7TZG -MDXC #639 – Angelo Daga from Cellino San Marco (BR) – Italy. [Personal homepage]
  • IW2MZX -MDXC #642 – Diego Salvetti from S. Giovanni Bianco (BG) – Italy. [Personal homepage] – Active operator on all bands (HF, VHF, UHF). He activated Levanzo Is. in 2009, Corsica Is. in 2010 and Lampedusa Is. in 2011.
  • IZ2GMT -MDXC #643 – Fabio Dolci from Serina (BG) – Italy. [Personal homepage] – Very active CW contest operator Fabio has been one of IG9E from Lampedusa Is. (AF-019) in May 2011, one of TK9E Corsica Is. (EU-014) in May 2010,one of IF9E Levanzo Is. (EU-054) in MAY 2009 and active as 9A/IZ2GMT in August 2009 from Krk Is. (EU-136).