The Mediterraneo DX Club was a sponsor.

T2 Burkina Faso story idea come to our mind with usual “Where do we go next” after our return from Albania ZA. As we both David Ok6DJ and Petr OK1FCJ are budget airlines travelers we started to look after cheap flights to relatively rare destinations. End of 2012 and first 5 months of 2013 it was S21 Bangladesh where we could make trip not so expensive. Regrettably our Facebook contacts to S21 were not reliable and stopped communication after few months. In that time we have already paid for Visa there. It was wasting of money.

May this year suddenly announced Turkish Airlines special promotion rates to flights to Burkina Faso from Prague. I knew it is rare DX destination, but had no exact clue where it is situated. West Africa sounded like a DX dream for first moment. Only for initial one. Purchasing airline ticket everything started, biggest challenge was valid permission to operation. We started to communication with local HAM radio association which representative was very helpful and from very beginning told us we can get XT2 license in time. It took another 4 months till middle of October till we received green scanned licenses. A further one we have to arrange our vaccinations. It was not inexpensive story. Last 3 months I had to regularly visit Czech vaccination center to have all recommended injections. Wives started to worry too, of course Burkina Faso is not Europe DX land.

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