Gemilang Amateur Radio Station & Mediterraneo Dx Club, this is the twinning of the year !

This 2 club, with fantastic friendship spirit, organized this dxpedition for twinning and start a long cooperation. V85TX and others members of Gemilang support the MDXC for licence, entry with equipment and logistic help. We have already planned, during our activity, for working to introduce radio comunications to local people.

This is team: F1HRE, F5EOT, F6BIV, I2VGW, I8YGZ, IK2LTR, IZ8CCW, ON7RN, IZ2KXC,IZ2GNQ, V85AVE, V85AX, V85TX, YB3MM and others will be active from Brunei 11-23 November 2012 as V84SMD

They will be active on 160-10m CW , SSB , RTTY


For MDXC Members is also available our internal QSL service. Please remember that since the end of the DXpedition you can send QSL requests: look at the “QSL service status” panel in homepage and when the green dot will be on you’ll be able to fill the request form in the site Members Area.